Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Sterling Pool

Triple Bend Panels – the strongest available

The Sterling Pool system is made up of two main components: the wall panels and the braces. Together, these create the foundation of your pool that, after installation you’ll never see, but be glad it’s there. Each wall panel features a 5” top and bottom flange and a 1” back bend and under turn, creating a “triple bend” panel. These features enhance the strength of your pool, giving you peace of mind for a lifetime of enjoyment.
Designed to last

Our exclusive STAKE-LOK™ rivetless/weldless manufacturing system protects against rust and corrosion by keeping the galvanized coating intact, whereas conventional welding and riveting weakens and destroys this coating. Our turnbuckle A-frame steel braces provide solid support for the pool walls.

More options for more fun

If you’d like a deeper shallow end in your pool, ask your Strong Support builder about our Xtreme 48” polymer wall panels. They’re the perfect solution for more water depth in the shallow end and are great for sport or recreation pools.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Peter G. Moran Sr. - New Phase In Life

Valued Customers:

Please note that Peter G. Moran Sr., Technical Services Manager at Latham, has decided to move onto a new phase of this life – RELAXING! While we are incredibly sad he is moving on, we are very excited for him – he is very fortunate to be able to take this next step in his life. Many individuals from each of your organizations have strong relationships with Peter given his support he has provided over the years. We wanted to be sure you were aware of the change and the transition that is taking place.

Mike Tinkler has accepted the role to succeed Peter as the Technical Service Manager. For the past 6 weeks, Mike has been working directly with Peter on all aspects of his job to ensure a smooth transition. Mike has a broad and extensive background at Latham, more recently as Senior Lead Designer.

Please join us in thanking Peter for all he has done, for both Latham and each of you! We are looking forward to continuing Quality Technical Support moving forward; 1-800-833-3800 EXT 1051.

Wendy Carpenter
VP of Customer Care and IT

Friday, October 14, 2011

Latham Pool Builder Academy-Camp Penuel

Sterling Pools has once again participated in the Latham Pool Builder Academy.  The pool builder academy was organized to give pool builders from around the country an opportunity to receive hands on experience and instruction as they participate in the entire process of building a vinyl liner pool. 

When Latham International first introduced the pool builder academy, it was held in the yard of a homeowner that had purchased a pool and agreed to have the academy at their home.  Several years ago, Latham decided that the pool builder academy provided the perfect opportunity for them and other companies to give back to the community.  Now, each pool builder academy is held at the location of a charitable organization that would really benefit from having a pool.  The entire pool kit, automatic cover and circulation and filtration equipment are donated for the cause. 

This most recent pool builder academy was held Sept 25-29th in at Camp Penuel in Ironton Missouri. Camp Penuel is a Christen camp that provides over 1500 inter-city kids each summer the opportunity to spend a fun filled week at camp. 

While at camp, these kids experience the beauty of the outdoors as they participate in water sports on Lake Killarney, going on nature hikes, singing songs around the camp fire, playing team sports, and reading.  Camp Penuel gives these youth an uplifting environment, away from the city streets that they came from, where they can learn more about themselves.

Now, thanks to the pool builder academy, the youth that come to Camp Penuel will also enjoy swimming in a new swimming pool.

We are proud to give back to the community and will continue to do so semi-annually for every Pool Builders Academy we host.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mermaid Pool, Spa & Patio Give Back!

Brenda Murr, Vice President, Mermaid Pool, Spa & Patio, Muncie, Ind. and one of our own Strong Support Sterling dealers has been spotlighted in the October 3rd edition of the Aqua magazine online e-news for their ongoing charitable efforts!

Congratulations and click here to read the full article - Aqua October 2011 Spotlight!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Albion Liner Tech Talk

An interesting article from one of our customers regarding liner fading.
In the many thousands of liners we process each year at WW Adcock the vast majority give many happy years of service.

Failures or problems are in low single digit %. However as you can imagine even 1% of 1000 liners is 10 liners, 2% 20 liners etc., so we are probably subjected to more issues  than the average builder/service company.

Today I was conducting a measure class for Adcock personal and here is a photo.
The damage you see here is something we encounter 3 or 4 times a year.

It is 4 years old. This is why this liner is damaged:

This pool has two skimmers, both located at the deep end. The main drain and the skimmers are plumbed together so the pump suction pulls through them all.

The homeowner loads up the skimmers with 3" chlorine tabs. They only run the pump for a few hours per day because of the cost of electricity.

The chlorine tabs then dissolve without the pump running. The heavy chlorine solution then sinks down the skimmer pipe and out through the main drain grate. You can see how bleached the liner is right at the edge of the grate. There is also some PH wrinkling that is hard to see. This is because high concentrations of chlorine has a very low PH and will cause the liner to absorb water and expand, hence PH wrinkles.

So for the cost of running a pump. A typical 1 hp pump uses 746 watts per hour. Average electricity rates are 10 cents a kilowatt hour. So this pump running 24 hours.... uses just shy of 18 kw hours x 10 cents = $1.80

The pump would cost $324 to run 24 hours a day for 6 months. If you only ran it for 8 hours a day you would save $216. The ruined liner cost approx $3500 to replace and lasted 4 years. In four years they saved $864. Net cost of saving electricity was $2636 for a new liner.
I really felt bad for the lady homeowner because she was very nice. My recommendation to her was;

Run the pump more or put in a two speed pump and run it on low half the time or plumb in a chlorinator. Without these precautions the replacement liner would also suffer the same fate.

Actually when building pools, is it a much better idea to have separate main drain and skimmer lines to stop this problem and also down the road it helps to isolate plumbing leaks.

If you have any head scratching liner failure questions we would be glad to give you an honest assessment and if we use your problem for our Tech Talk we shall give you a liner for half price.

PS There is still the possibility that the chlorine has also damaged the lines below the skimmer, especially if it was plumbed with flex pipe which will fail with high chlorine concentrations. In which case I would have to re-do the math above!

Nigel Leach
Director of Package Pool Sales
WW Adcock
Philadelphia PA
 We thank Nigel for this helpful information.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Regina W. from Snellville, GA the lucky Grand Prize winner of our $10,000 Pool Makeover Sweepstakes.

Thousands of entries were submitted by homeowners nationwide for a chance to get a cool new look for their pool, and Regina was chosen.

Thank you to all who participated!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pool Game - Dolphins Race or Relay

If there are just two players, this game is a race. With four or more players divide into teams and make it a relay.

Each team has a beach ball that the players must move from one end of the pool to the other by pushing the ball with their noses and forehead. If they touch the ball with their hands or any other part of their body they must go back to where that took place and start again.

When the player reaches the end of the pool the next player will do the same until one team is the winner.

Good swimmers can play by swimming in the deep end of the pool or the length of the pool. For a game with non swimmers, play in the shallow end.