Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Sterling Pool

Triple Bend Panels – the strongest available

The Sterling Pool system is made up of two main components: the wall panels and the braces. Together, these create the foundation of your pool that, after installation you’ll never see, but be glad it’s there. Each wall panel features a 5” top and bottom flange and a 1” back bend and under turn, creating a “triple bend” panel. These features enhance the strength of your pool, giving you peace of mind for a lifetime of enjoyment.
Designed to last

Our exclusive STAKE-LOK™ rivetless/weldless manufacturing system protects against rust and corrosion by keeping the galvanized coating intact, whereas conventional welding and riveting weakens and destroys this coating. Our turnbuckle A-frame steel braces provide solid support for the pool walls.

More options for more fun

If you’d like a deeper shallow end in your pool, ask your Strong Support builder about our Xtreme 48” polymer wall panels. They’re the perfect solution for more water depth in the shallow end and are great for sport or recreation pools.


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